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Finnish companies and Team Finland gathered up to share ideas and brainstorm in Ho Chi Minh City

The Embassy of Finland and Finpro organized a collaborative networking and brainstorming session for the Finnish companies and business network 23th February in Ho Chi Minh City. As Finland is celebrating its centennial in 2017 under the theme “Together”, it was important for both the companies and Team Finland Vietnam to share ideas on how to promote Finland during this very special year.

As Ambassador Ilkka-Pekka Similä stated in his opening address, the first objective of the centennial year is to raise awareness on what we have been able to achieve in Finland during the 100 years of independence. These achievements cover all areas of the society, from cultural masterpieces to technical innovations, and more.

The second objective is to make Finland more known in Vietnam. Working together with Vietnamese partners, and especially the local representatives of Finnish companies, plays a major part in achieving this goal. Team Finland is continuously looking for new ideas from all partners, both locals and Finns included, on how the friendship between the two countries can be strengthened further and how to work together during Finland 100 celebrations and beyond.

Throughout this year, Team Finland Vietnam will host multiple events under the theme “Together”, both in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. These events have sub-themes, such as education, forest, water & energy, culture and innovation. The year will culminate 6th December on the independence day of Finland. The Finland 100 reception will take place in Hanoi, but there will be several events in Ho Chi Minh City as well.

The even closer cooperation between Finnish companies and Team Finland Vietnam during the centennial year got very positive feedback from the participants. Many concrete ideas rose up in the conversations, underlining the importance of cooperation with all Friends of Finland, companies and individuals alike.

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Updated 3/1/2017

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